And the Winning Medical Residents Are …

I was delighted to attend the American College of Physicians Medical Conference two weeks ago. The best part to the conference is always the Doctors’ Dilemma where Internal Medicine residents from across the state get together to compete on hard questions about medicine. Think of “Stump the Chump” with challenging question about diseases that are rare or difficult to diagnose. (It’s always a chance for me to check my own knowledge against the residents to see if I still have the chops).

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From left to right, Hassan Salameh, M.D., Aref bin Abdulhak, M.D., Gurminder Dhillon, M.D.

Eighteen medicine residents from Washington University, St. Louis University, University of Missouri-Columbia, Mercy in Springfield, St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, and UMKC competed.

After four rounds, UMKC’s resident team came out the clear winner. Their performance was wonderful to watch. It is a great joy to see the caliber of new residents.

I know the challenges facing Graduate Medical Education but schools of medicine and residency programs continue the hard work of educating the excellent workforce that will be needed in the increasingly complex medical world.

Thank you to those dedicated teachers, mentors and attendings who give their time, expertise and example to those who come behind.

Hats off!

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