Place Purpose Area

The places we live impact how healthy we are.

Our approach to improving where we live focuses on two influential social factors: housing and digital access. This means we are focusing our work on improving access to safe, healthy, and affordable housing and homeownership.

We’re also working to ensure everyone has the access and knowledge required to use digital tools.

Explore the Place purpose area:

Strategies and initiatives

Advance safe, healthy, and affordable housing and homeownership

  • Advocate for policies that increase the sustainability of housing and homeownership
  • Support the creation and sustainability of organized regional actions and pathways that eliminate houselessness, support renters, and ultimately increase homeownership
  • Partner in innovative collective financing to increase the number of people who can attain or sustain housing or homeownership

Advance digital access, literacy, and equity

  • Advance local policies that make high speed internet available, affordable, and usable
  • Amplify key components of digital equity — connectivity, device accessibility, and literacy
  • Support capacity of organizations to provide digital trainings and resources that enhance digital literacy

Increased affordable housing and homeownership opportunities as a pathway to health and wealth creation

  • Increased supply of — and access to — safe, healthy, and affordable housing
  • Adoption of policies that improve or expand access to housing and maintain homeownership
  • Greater funding opportunities for homeownership and creation of housing stock

Reduced disparities in digital access and literacy

  • Adoption of policies and practices that promote digital equity
  • Increased accessibility and affordability of high speed internet
  • Increased digital literacy and skills
  • Increased use of digital services (e.g. telehealth)
Intended Impact
  • High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem
  • Strong community organizations and voices
  • Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

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