People Purpose Area

Equitable systems support community health.

Our approach to fostering healthy people is to center equity in all aspects of our community health ecosystem and to support innovative ideas that make it more inclusive. 

We focus on supporting whole-person care — the physical, behavioral, oral health, and social services required to achieve better health outcomes for all. We advocate for policies that improve health. And we ensure the people entering the health care workforce look like, and understand the culture of, the people they are serving.

Explore the People purpose area:

Strategies and initiatives

Strengthen capacity and effectiveness of partners to provide whole-person care

  • Support partners to deliver whole-person care with multi-year, unrestricted funding
  • Support partner-led, field-building initiatives that foster:
    • Antiracist, culturally responsive care
    • Social care integration
    • Communities of care

Advance equity-centered innovation and infrastructure across the community health ecosystem

  • Convene and support collective impact work that shapes policies and addresses health disparities. Work such as:
  • Support other strategic innovations that advance health equity
  • Test “food as medicine” as prevention and treatment

Champion an inclusive and culturally responsive health sciences workforce

  • Commission a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder assessment of the region’s health sciences diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging landscape
  • Assess different funding mechanisms to support scholarships and tuition reimbursement for underrepresented talent

Advocate for policies that improve health

  • Expand equitable access to high-quality health care
  • Increase funding and support for public health transformation
  • Address the social and political influencers of health

Advance equity-centered, whole-person care

  • Improved organizational effectiveness and capacity to deliver whole-person care
  • Increased availability of, and access to, whole-person care
  • Improved workforce understanding and capacity to address clinical and community trauma; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging best practices; and competency and capability in antiracist practice
  • Strengthened and connected communities of care

Increased competency and capability of organizations and workforce

  • Improved understanding and use of clinical, community trauma, and antiracist practices
  • Increased use of race, ethnicity, and language data in quality improvement (e.g. screening and prevention)
  • Improved team-based and integrated care to reduce health disparities

Increased coordination, alignment, and commitment among systems and actors in the health sciences ecosystem

  • Increased funding for incentives to attract and retain a diverse talent pool
  • Increased diversity of talent in the whole-person care spectrum

Equitable access to high-quality, whole-person care

  • Increased Medicaid enrollment
  • Increased funding for public health system transformation
  • Increased race, ethnicity, and language competency and use in quality improvement
  • Improved team-based and integrated care
Intended Impact
  • High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem
  • Strong community organizations and voices
  • Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

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