A Special Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. Yes, I love turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes but great food is not the real reason I love Thanksgiving. I love this Holiday because we take the time to remember the many people in our life who have helped us during our life’s journey. This year is going to be a special Thanksgiving for me and my family because my Mom turns 90 years young a few days before Thanksgiving. I’ve heard it said that a mother can measure her wealth by how much she is loved by her children and grandchildren…by this measure my Mom is a very wealthy woman.

Some people are simply born with skills that makes them very successful in their life’s work… my Mom was born with the skills to be a wonderful Mom. She always has time to listen and to laugh. She loves to tell stories about family. She is happy just to sit and talk. No one is a stranger to her. She is very religious without being preachy. She likes to read, watch television and talk about politics and baseball – especially the St. Louis Cardinals. She was a wonderful cook and kept a spotless house. Her values and ethics are apparent by how she lives her life. She has had to bear her share of pain and sorrow throughout her life, but her positive attitude always kept a smile on her face. However, her real strength is her ability to love unconditionally – especially family. People feel safe to talk to her because she is so loving and accepting.

I am so thankful that that I can call Aylene Roling my Mom – Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for being a hero to me and my family!


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