A Lifetime of Meeting People: Health Forward Associates Are Some of the Very Best

One of the good fortunes of working a long time is that you get to work with and take pride in people who distinguished themselves over the years. It is easy to spot potential in a young person and depending on hard work, some luck, and determination, many of my former associates in previous jobs have accomplished much in their careers.

Going back many years, I have worked with people who later became governor, federal judge, mayor, lawyers who work in the public and private sector, publisher, editor, bank officers, nonprofit and association leaders, professors and executives at universities, real estate brokers, faith leaders, little league coaches, technology executives, executive in architectural firm that builds sports stadiums around the world. I’ve been privileged to work with cherished volunteers; board members; assistants to senators and other business, educational, government and nonprofit leaders; political activists and lobbyist; business leaders; advocates for early education and quality education for poor children in our community. My list also includes accomplished public relations and media executives, airline executives, consultants, accountants, hospital executives, writers, foundation leaders, and more!

Every day when I check out the paper or look for news stories online, I often see one of my former associates doing extraordinary things in their current job. These achievements are not surprising to meā€¦but they do make me smile and realize how lucky I was to work with these folks.

Soon I will be leaving Health Forward, as many of you know. The 16 associates I work with at this foundation are some of the most talented, hardworking and dedicated folks that I have ever met. Soon I will be able to add them to my list of former associates and friends that I follow their achievements with pride and admiration.

One of the joys of living a long life is the people who you meet along the way in your journey. I have been blessed to work with and know so many outstanding people. My Health Forward associates are some of the very best!

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