5 reasons to eat local for the holidays

5 reasons to eat local for the holidays

Long gone are the dog days of summer. Winter, while not “officially” here, made its appearance early with bitter cold.

Fortunately, with the decline in temperature, we also get to usher in the season of Thanksgiving, that wondrous holiday when we give thanks for the many blessings, family and friends in our lives.

It also means food, and if we’re being honest, probably not the healthiest either!

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Healthy eating is important to maintaining healthy lives, yet eating healthy is not always as simple as it should be. Many supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chains sell high-calorie, processed foods.

Fortunately, there has been a recent explosion of interest in the food we eat — from its origins, to its production methods, to its relationship with our health.

This has led to a growth in healthy and sustainable food production and consumption, through an expansion of backyard and urban gardens, local farmers markets, and community-supported agriculture (CSA).

5 reasons to eat local for the holidaysTo help celebrate the inclusion of healthy food during the holiday season, we have created an infographic that looks at the five reasons why you should eat local this holiday season (and beyond!). Please feel free to download and share.

Eating local provides a bevy of health benefits. Local produce is fresher than imported food, so it retains its taste and nutrients better. (Superior taste is clearly illustrated when you eat a store-bought tomato vs. a tomato straight from the garden.)

Eating local also creates community. When you purchase from an area grower, you are supporting local families and our local economy. You’re also contributing to a cleaner environment by purchasing from farms that care for the soil and water.

Food, health and community: they’re all related. While the cold temperatures may make it seem like harvest time is over, you can still purchase in-season produce like eggs and dairy, and late-fall fruits and vegetables, plus an array of fresh poultry, beef and pork. KC Food Circle has made it easy to get started on your track to eating healthy, eating local. Please check out their website for more information.

From all of us at Health Forward, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Special thanks to Cultivate Kansas City for the info on eating healthy.

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