Affordable housing units important to health of community

Tania Hewett-Mader
Policy Associate, Health Forward Foundation

Few events in history highlight as clearly as the pandemic that housing and health are inherently connected. Families struggle to make ends meet after job loss or reduction in pay due to the coronavirus.  At the onset of the pandemic, governments  requested that residents stay at home, schools moved to a virtual environment, and many […]

Health Forward’s current status on equity journey

Health Forward Foundation has long advocated that to create health in our communities, we must look upstream to the social factors that are impeding health, and how these barriers show up inequitably. The only way to achieve better health for all people is to strive for more just and equitable communities, beginning with race equity. […]

Frequently asked questions (and answers!) about Health Forward’s refined focus

Editor’s note: On Sept. 30, Health Forward hosted a virtual celebration for our 15th anniversary. During the event, president/CEO Qiana Thomason inspired us with the announcement of Health Forward’s focus on racial and health equity. Below are some frequently asked questions that came from audience members during and after the event. You can also watch […]

Anniversary celebration recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual celebration in honor of Health Forward’s 15 years! We were overwhelmed by the engaged audience comments during the event.  If you were unable to join us, you can still watch a recording of the live event. We have also published just Qiana Thomason’s keynote address, which you […]

Health Forward reimagines the future

Editor’s note: The following is Qiana Thomason’s full keynote address of Health Forward’s virtual, 15-year anniversary celebration. You may also watch her address. Good morning! Welcome to Health Forward Foundation’s 15th anniversary virtual celebration. We are so pleased you’re sharing your morning with us as we reflect on our past and set our priorities for […]

An incredibly brief recap of Health Forward’s 15 years

Over the last 15 years, much has changed at Health Forward Foundation. On the surface, we have changed locations and names, increased staff, and witnessed leadership changes. At a deeper level, we evolved from traditional grantmaking that primarily provides program support to increase our focus upstream on the social determinants of health and health equity. […]

Addressing hunger and health during a pandemic

Hunger is a solvable, social determinant of health. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted various factors that drive deep health disparities in our communities. There is a renewed urgency to face these factors directly and address hunger as a health issue in a meaningful way.  The 4th Annual Hunger-Free Healthcare Summit will engage in this important […]

Art for KC Voices collection shares the real story of food insecurity

In 2019, five local artists were commissioned to create works reflecting on racial and economic inequities associated with nutrition assistance programs and how food policy shapes access to healthy food. In this video featuring the entire Art for KC Voices collection, spoken word artist Glenn North shares one of his contributions: The House of Seven […]

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