What Missourians need to know to vote Yes on Amendment 2

I will admit that, in the midst of a global health pandemic that appears to be resurging in Missouri, as well as the protest movement for racial justice, it can be easy to lose focus on things that would otherwise command our attention.  Elections, especially primary elections that tend to have lower turnout anyway, can […]

Uneven opportunity: Safe and available employment during a pandemic

Even as businesses and workplaces cautiously re-open, Health Forward is acutely aware that among low-income individuals and people of color, employment opportunities, working conditions, and benefits vary dramatically.  Addressing these disparities is essential, as is advocating for policies that advance economic inclusion and health equity. Unemployment disparities We all know that too many people are […]

Your Story: Building ethics into Kansas City’s response to pandemic

From its start in the mid-1980s when ventilators to keep people alive first came into common use, the Center for Practical Bioethics has helped patients, families, providers, and policymakers make decisions about what ought to be done in light of what can be done.  It has applied the tools of ethical analysis to help distraught […]

Your Story: Sheffield Place responds to COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has cast a dark shadow of uncertainty around the world and on the doorstep of Sheffield Place over the past few months.  The mothers worry about their health, the health of their children, their ability to stay clean and sober amidst the anxiety, and their ability to earn a living. The staff […]

Your Story: Healing House responds to COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic has caused many businesses, churches, and even treatment programs to shut down or reduce their services.  However, at Healing House, we are accepting new residents and providing them the support they need to continue on the road to recovery. In the process, we’ve had to almost completely change the way we do business. By implementing a number […]

We’re asking: How has the pandemic impacted your organization?

Sometimes the best response is silence. That’s the approach we have taken on our blog since the onset of the pandemic. In mid-March, we suspended posting anything not related to timely COVID-19 and policy-related communications.  Normally, our blog features a healthy mixture of posts from grantees, community partners, and our associates. It’s May so our […]

A complete census is important for racial equity

“The census was designed as a tool to ensure adequate representation, resources, and voting power for citizens, any attempt to use it instead as a means of suppressing the vote, should be and must be viewed as an insidious threat to our overall democracy.” ~ Leon W. Russell, chairman, NAACP Friends, by now you have […]

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