Big Idea: It’s time to change the way we talk about poverty

“Whatever happened to the idea…that we all do better when we all do better?”                                                              — Former Senator Paul Wellstone I live in the poorest town in the poorest county in […]

Managing the anxiety of cancer

There’s no getting around it: cancer touches everyone. The American Cancer Society® reports that, today, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will receive a cancer diagnosis in his or her lifetime.   Hearing those three scary words, “You have cancer,” certainly increases stress and creates anxiety. Research has shown, though, that reducing anxiety […]

Summit explores topics critical to building partnerships

One in eight individuals in our community are impacted by food insecurity or the lack of affordable fresh food.  Hunger Free Healthcare KC — a coalition of nonprofits, government organizations, and hospitals — hosted the third annual Hunger-Free Healthcare Summit, Tuesday, Sept. 24 at the Kaufman Foundation Center. The summit was sponsored by Children’s Mercy, […]

Bridget McCandless: ‘My final week at Health Forward’

This week is my last as president/CEO of Health Forward Foundation.  While my commitment to the mission of Health Forward will continue to be a guiding force in my life, this marks the formal end of what has been a 15-year relationship with this foundation, first as an inaugural board member, then a grantee, and […]

MOCSA publishes treatment guide based on groundbreaking work

Rene McCreary
Director of Counseling, Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA)

Every so often, a wealth of expertise finds its culmination in a body of work. With the help of Health Forward Foundation, MOCSA is proud to report that, in early 2019, Rene McCreary, MOCSA’s Director of Counseling, did precisely this. After years of dedicated work, Rene has completed a handbook for mental health providers titled […]

Lawyers in your corner: Stressed KC communities fight back with ‘Adopt-A-Neighborhood’ legal teams

team views restoration efforts

Health Forward is proud to be a supporting partner in this effort of building healthy communities. This article was originally published Aug. 26, 2019 on LINC’s website. Republished with permission. Private attorney Anna Berman doesn’t do first entries into abandoned houses anymore. “I don’t need to go in there,” she said as she swapped horror […]

Campaign asks Missouri voters to put Medicaid expansion on ballot

Available. Accessible. Affordable. Health Forward Foundation has been working toward these goals for health care services in our two states since our founding in 2003. While we realize health entails far more than just access to care, having quality health care still matters.  I arrived at Health Forward six years ago this week. It was a […]

Health Forward creates fund focused on advocacy, policy

Health Forward is pleased to announce our first request for proposal focused exclusively on advocacy. Advocacy plays an important role in our pursuit to eliminate barriers to quality health for those most in need. This funding opportunity is meant to build upon our existing policy agenda and complement the work of our other grantmaking rounds. […]

Data – An increasingly powerful tool to inform health strategy

Early in my career I was tasked with collecting information about the characteristics of people lacking health insurance. As an eager graduate student intern, I worked diligently to gather, analyze, and share data on this vulnerable population. That research included visiting libraries, requesting and waiting days or weeks for journal articles (hard copies only!), and […]

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