Looking Back on 2010 and Ahead to 2011

The mission of the Health Forward Foundation is to provide leadership, resources and advocacy to eliminate barriers and promote quality health for uninsured and underserved. As we worked toward that mission in 2010, Health Forward was able to celebrate many achievements…achievements that opened the door for many opportunities and challenges in 2011. From a resources […]

Solutions for Missouri’s Low Health Outcomes

According to the American Public Health Association the state of Missouri ranks 38 out of the 50 states in health outcomes…only 12 states are in worse shape than us (Kansas ranks 24th). Why is this? One of the main reasons for this very disappointing ranking is that Missouri has one of the highest smoking rates […]

Penn Valley’s Health Science Institute – A Virtual Hospital in the Heart of Kansas City

This year Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley was proud to open the new state-of-the-art Health Science Institute at 34th and Broadway, in the bustling urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. It opens at an opportune time when two societal needs are simultaneously increasing – the need for college education and the need for health care. It […]

Safety Net Being Squeezed

Health Forward’s Board recently approved our 2010 safety net health care grants, which included 37 grants totaling $5.23 million. Safety net health care is one of Health Forward’s three funding priority areas, and it supports health care delivery and other related services for the uninsured, underinsured and vulnerable populations in our service areas. Safety net […]

Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. This Saturday morning my wife cooked two turkeys for a charity event and the smell of those baked turkeys was unbelievable. Besides celebrating Thanksgiving, we will also be celebrating my Mom’s 92nd birthday. Over 42 years ago my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and today she […]

Post-Election Cool Down

If your household was anything like mine, your phone was ringing off the hook with politicians vowing to “stop the government takeover of health care” or “end Obamacare.” In true campaign fashion, this country worked itself into a tizzy. It seems that everyone from Kansas Governor-Elect Sam Brownback to Assumed Speaker of the U.S. House […]

Progress Being Made for Active Transportation in KC

If you are reading this you probably already know the statistics about obesity, diabetes, and other public health crises caused in large part by sedentary lifestyles and by built environments that promote automobile dependence and discourage walking and bicycling. Greater Kansas City’s rates of bicycling and walking are less than half the national average, which […]

Our New Elected Leaders Should Come Armed with Questions

What an interesting election we have just experienced. Congratulations to those who have been elected to serve our community and nation. Thanks also to those unsuccessful candidates who were brave enough to participate in the election process. Now comes the hard part — governing. In my early life I was privileged to work for U.S. […]

Prop A: An Unhealthy Choice for Missouri

On the November 2 ballot, Missouri voters will be asked to pass Proposition A, which would severely limit Kansas City’s ability to generate revenue. If passed, Prop A will: 1) prohibit any local community from enacting an earnings tax to fund local services and initiatives; 2) require existing communities with earnings taxes (Kansas City and […]

Protecting Kansas Voters Rights

On November 2nd, Kansas voters will have an opportunity to protect the voting rights of people with mental illness. It’s hard to believe, but the state’s Constitution actually threatens those rights. An arcane provision created 36 years ago gives the Legislature the authority to prevent someone with a mental illness from voting. The only other […]

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