Celebrating Four Years at Health Forward

I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary of working at Health Forward. It has been an honor to be associated with such a compassionate and ethical Board of Directors. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has provided our board and staff with useful and fair feedback and has done an outstanding job of vetting potential board candidates. […]

New Medicaid Rule Takes Us in the Wrong Direction

Last week President Bush’s administration published a new federal rule giving states the sweeping authority to charge Medicaid recipients premiums and higher co-payments for doctors’ services, hospital care and prescription drugs. If they can’t afford the payments, providers would then have the authority to turn them away (except for life-threatening circumstances). This new policy was […]

A Special Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. Yes, I love turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes but great food is not the real reason I love Thanksgiving. I love this Holiday because we take the time to remember the many people in our life who have helped us during our life’s journey. This year […]

Paying More Attention to Main Street

A few weeks ago my mother shared with me a letter she has saved for over 85 years. It is a letter her mother received from a small bank in Fulton, MO telling them that the bank had failed and their family had lost all of their savings. My mom can remember her mother crying […]

Accepting All Children

Many years ago I worked for a residential treatment center for homeless and delinquent youth in a small town in Missouri. Every Sunday we took our children to a local church. It frankly was hard to find a church who would accept our “family” because our kids did not act or dress or come from […]

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

As many of you know, our foundation office is located on the corner of 18th and Prospect Street in Kansas City, Mo. As I drive to work every morning I purposefully drive through various neighborhoods that are adjacent to our office. The 64127 zip code where our office is located has one of the highest […]

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times

Recently I’ve noticed a trend that has left me hopeful that Americans, especially the younger generations, are becoming more involved in their communities and in the political process. I’ve been to numerous events in the past few weeks where I’ve witnessed ordinary people of all ages devoting themselves to causes much larger than themselves. At […]

The Legacies of Our Elected Officials

Recently my wife and I visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL and the Gerard Ford Presidential Library and Museum in Grand Rapid, Michigan. We are spoiled in Kansas City to have immediate access to the magnificent Harry S. Truman Library and Museum, which I have visited many times. During the election season […]

UMKC Dental School: Good News and Bad News

We are so lucky to have the UMKC Dental School in Kansas City. Each year the dental school graduates 100 new dentists. 72 of these dental students are residents of Missouri and 20 are from Kansas. The remaining slots are from other states. In a good year Missouri and Kansas retains approximately 70% of their […]

Story Telling

Last week I took a few vacation days. During my time away from the office, I spent some time with my mom and in-laws. For years I had asked my parents and in-laws to record stories about their life so my children would have the benefits of knowing about their ancestors. My dad died four […]

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